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Why Convert youTube videos to Podcast?

Content creation is a time consuming exercise that not many of us have the luxury of. From doing research work, conceptualizing, executing, you'll need to dedicate ample time to ensure you are creating something that will be worthy of your audience's attention. 

If you are focused on just creating videos for your YouTube channel, chances are, you already have a collection of content that you can convert to podcasts. 

You may be asking yourself, is it even necessary to convert YouTube videos to podcast when 

a. Youtube is the second biggest search engine with billions of daily users, while podcasts are so fragmented with so many platforms to choose from. 

b. You can monetize your channel when you reach 1000 subscribers and after 4000 watch hours within 365 day period. On the contrary, podcasts monetization are still too vague just like subscription numbers and real download stats. 

c. You don't have to pay for hosting the videos, unlike podcasts that require you to have a podcast hosting subscription which will set you back another $12-$19 per month. 

The points are definitely valid concerns. However, consider these things too: 

1. Variety of content formats

Your audience may love your videos but it won't hurt if you have another format that may be more fitting to a different audience demographics. Surely, there are those who love videos, but there are also those who prefer audio, and even some would prefer reading a long blog post. 

2. Follow the Trend 

Video was the “IN” thing for the last 5 or so years, but that trend is now transitioning to a new form of media, and that is no less than podcasts. Recent studies and surveys prove that podcasting is on a roll and expected to grow even more. If you don't start establishing your presence today, it may be too late for you to jump in down the road. 

3. Save time and effort

Downloading your YouTube video and converting it into audio will take you a couple of minutes. And if you get an audio editor or podcast manager, you won't even have to worry about it. Now compare that if you have to create content from scratch. Repurposing your YouTube video to podcast episodes is cheap and efficient way of using your resources. 

How to Download youTube Videos

You can download the videos that are already in Youtube, or you can simply convert the video files if you still have a copy in your computer. Either way, it's pretty straightforward. Please take note that this recommendations are under the assumption that: 

1. You have full ownership and rights to the videos you will be downloading from YouTube

2. You fully understood YouTube's Terms of Service 

Video File to MP3

There are different web based tools as well as software that you can use to convert a YouTube video into audio format. Here are some of the popular choices including a sample video of how I converted a youtube video into audio using the free Quicktime app on a Mac.

Play Video

YouTube Link to MP3

How to Convert youTube Video to Podcast

Converting a Youtube Video to Podcast is more than just turning an MOV or MP4 file into MP3. Here are some of the basic steps you need to do. 

  1. Edit the converted audio file using your preferred DAW. 
  2. Add your intro, outro, music, and other audio elements into the mix
  3. Export your final mix into MP3. 
  4. Add your ID3 tags
  5. Write your title and description
  6. Upload to your podcast media hosting provider
  7. Publish your podcast episode
You can probably do many of these steps, but if you wish to focus on more important aspects of your business or family life, you can always hire a podcast sidekick who can take care of all of these for you. 

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