Five Tasks You Can Delegate to Your Podcast VA

FIVE Tasks You can Delegate to Your Podcast VA

Delegation is the Key!

For someone who runs a business, has wife and kids, and wants to keep a balanced life, adding podcasting into the mix can be an overwhelming experience. Trying to run everything on your own but at the same time wants to have a thriving podcast isn't always the best recipe for success. If you want to have a successful podcast, you need to learn and start practicing how to delegate to your podcast VA or podcast virtual assistant. 

The work involved in creating an episode may sound simple. But the truth is, it takes a lot of time to do post production work like audio editing, writing show notes, finding guests to interview, etc. And it doesn't end there. After publishing your new episode, you need to promote your content too, otherwise, it's only you and your wife who's going to listen to it, right? 

The solution, delegate! 

Here are the five most common responsibilities you can delegate to a podcast virtual assistant. 

Finding & Scheduling Guests

If you want to make sure you have a good set of guests to be on your show, you need to start delegating this to your VA. A good practice is to: 

  • a. set a guideline or criteria on who your “ideal guests” are
  • b. create a spreadsheet or master list of prospects where you can both track and update status 
  • c. create an email template that your VA can use to send invitations, including follow up email, and an email requesting your guest to promote the episode to their audience when it goes live.
  • d. setup an email address preferably one that uses your brand or podcast's domain name so your VA won't be mistaken as a spammer. 

Create audiogram videos

Creating an audiogram video is a relatively simple task but needs some finesse in choosing the right snippet to use. It's not just choosing a 1-2 minute segment, but it's really more on choosing “juicy, insightful, even thought provoking or controversial statements that can arouse interest” that will compel your audience to listen to the full episode. 

Once this part of the process is done, the actual creation can be done on a few platforms like: 

Post on Social Media

Posting on social media is one of the popular ways of marketing or promoting a podcast. But plainly sharing your links won't do much in a sea of information already flooding different platforms. What you really need is a way to differentiate. And this differentiation is no less than engaging your audience. 

So should you be delegating this to your VA? Sure! But not 100%. You can definitely delegate this task, specially the scheduling and creation of image assets, etc. For social media management tools like Social Champ, you can allow your VA to create and curate content for you that automatically saves as a draft pending your approval.

However, you also need to make sure that you also take time to personally connect with your audience by answering questions, responding to mentions, etc. 


Edit Transcript

Transcribing your podcast is now way easier using tools like Descript,, or even Microsoft Word 365. But to really make good use of these automated transcripts, you need to have them cleaned up and formatted properly. Some of the common errors that need to be fixed or removed in a podcast transcript include: 

Setup blog post

You don't have to do the posting of your blog post every time you release a new podcast episode. Your podcast VA can easily take over this task. In most cases, the things you need for your blog post are already in your episode description. You just have to enhance this by adding other elements like: 

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