Five Things to Love About Notetracks


Feedback Process

Whether you're working on audio or a video project the feedback process can be one of the bottlenecks in the smooth and timely turnaround of output. Email has been the old school way of doing it and more often than not, the outcome could either be a delay, a miscommunication, or worse, a needed revision that never see the light of day. 

Why this doesn’t work

1. Emails can get lost in the pile of other emails and it’s difficult to track if something falls in the crack.

2. Sending files back and forth is time consuming 

3. Keeping on the latest and most up to date version of files without a central hub can be disastrous.

Notetracks - feedback tool


Notetracks resolves much of the issues of the feedback process presented above. Here are the key things that makes it an ideal feedback tool. 

1. Great for Collaboration

Collaboration is the key to what our workplaces all need in times like this when many of us just work remotely from our own homes. The ability to work on a project and have everyone’s feedback, comment, and input in a neat and well-organized dashboard is an absolute game-changer. 

2. Visual Cues

The ability to leave a comment on a very specific timestamp is good but being able to have visual references, markups, makes it even easier to understand and communicate better. 

3. Time Saver

Tracking email for previous notes and feedback is a time consuming, frustrating, and inefficient way of working. Notetracks simplifies this process that saves everyone in the project from unnecessary stress and time wasting activities. 

4. Audio and Video

Notetracks is not just a great feedback tool for podcast or audio projects, it's also a useful video feedback tool. 

notetracks - comments and markups

Who needs Notetracks?

Notetracks target audience basically those are into: 

Conclusion and Recommendations

Investing in Notetracks subscription is a good use of your resources. And while Notetracks already has some great features in place there are still a lot that can be improved on so it can really transform how podcast editors and video editors can justify the monthly fee. Here are some improvements that I personally would like to see. 

1. Export comments that can be imported into DAWs like Adobe Audition – the exported comments are currently in a text format, however, I believe it can be formatted properly so it can be imported in Adobe Audition so it can be usable. I did try it and I have a video coming up showing exactly how I pulled the comments from Notetracks and formatted it for import in Adobe Audition so be sure to visit and subscribe to PodcastSidekick on YouTube

2. Improved timeline zoom in and zoom out – The zoom function isn’t zooming in enough to see a more precise marker placement when leaving a comment.  

3. Ability to expand track height 

4. Integration to Podcast hosting services for direct uploading – this will be another time saving feature if and when this becomes supported as it removes another step. 

5. Sub folders for projects – the current structure only allows you to upload tracks in a project with no way to segregate or group for versioning. It would be great if you can upload different outputs, like different episode audio into a folder inside a project, ie. one folder for episode 1, another folder for episode 2. etc. 


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